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MLC electronic d.o.o. has been founded in 1997. The stories of many successful companies have their opening lines in garages – it's so common that it has become a cliche. But our story comes with a slight twist – it began one floor below, in a stuffy rented basement of an old apartment building. But it wasn't by no means a dreary place: one could have always felt a lot of positive energy, there was an excitement for every new contract we had managed to get. And we had utter believe in future success – it was inevitable, really – as the only way out of the basement is upwards. In a literal and allegorical sense.

Since the beginning, our core business has been a development and production of microprocessor lift control systems – either as a stand-alone product or as a part of a more integrated product, the complete electrical package. Besides designing and producing high quality solutions, we were on a path of winning ever bigger market share by establishing long-lasting trustful relationship with our partners, mostly based on our eagerness in technical support – both day and night, and promptly wherever it was needed. The web of satisfied customers became our greatest strength. It looked like we had a clear vision and business plan – but actually we didn't – almost everything that happened was entirely spontaneous. The way we were making business at that time could barely be considered an enterpreneurship – it was more like a fight for survival. Few years later we figured out that our potential had been much higher than that.

By the year 2003. we had finally saved enough financial resources to purchase our own premises – 600 square meters, in Zagreb-Lučko, the current location of our headquarters and part of production. At that time there was too much space for actual volume of electric/electronics production – but by that time we had already learnt a thing or two about entrepreneurship, and that is – you always have to make a good plan. And that was to use the extra space to enter a whole new area in lift business – establishing our own production of mechanical parts and complete lift assembly. It was a response to a market shift towards asking for complete service at one spot, instead of getting the equipment from multiple sources.

A greater comfort led to an improvement of labour organization which mostly benefited electrical packages production. On the other hand, mechanical parts production and assembling were the area with very little expertise. After getting some second-hand machines and improvizing our own plasma-cutter: we were ready to start learning, by trial and error, how to design and produce various metal lift components. With a lot of effort, time, search for experienced employees and ultimately acquiring new equipment – considering price, quality and sevice, we were able to get on par even with the most well-known producers on the European market. In synergy with the great experience in microprocessor control and electrics, we have created a combination which opened many new possibilities. Since then we've become specialists in making highly customized non-standard elevators.

Many years of experience have also helped us in development of a new system for microprocessor lift control, LC100, which begun in 2008. based on CAN communications protocol. It enabled us creating a solution with extreme flexibility in a sense of being easily adaptive to every possible customer demand. It utilizes central and a series of different periphery processor units connected together via plug&play prewired system which also speeds up the montage process and reduces a chance for error. Also, more raw processor power of the new system allows development of many complex and customized solutions demanded in a high-class product.

Since the year of  1997. we have produced in excess of 22 thousand control systems, 6 thousand complete electric packages and around 1000 complete elevators. Our products can be found in more than 30 countries on three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. Currently, MLC electronic d.o.o. employs over 50 experienced and dedicated people working at two separate locations with roughly 1700 square meters and makes 4.7 mil. euros revenue (estimation for the year 2015.). Our sales and production teams count 14 electronics engineers, mechanics engineers and computer programmers which, together with more than 30 various skilled technicians, make up the foundation of our success and the core of future progress. By cooperating with high-quality and dependable partners in ousourcing, we have created the basis for fast growth while keeping the risk of high investments in fixed assets very low.

Even though we are present in several markets across Europe almost since the very beginning, economic crisis that struck hard on Croatian enterprises in 2009. became an impulse which propelled us towards finding new opportunuties abroad. One of the breakpoints has been the participation at 2011. Interlift Augsburg fair for the first time as an exhibitor. During the next 4 years we have increased our exports by a factor of 4, so they now make up more than 75% of our revenues.

In focus of our future plans, as it has always been, there will be a strive towards achieving technical and organizational advances that enable faster response to new market demands, which at the same time do not question the quality of our products and promptness of our aftersales support department. In our view, any enterprise – regardless of the size of its assets, and even regardless of it's revenues – can be considered „big“ if it satisfies certain conditions: highly efficient and self-initiative organization, professionality, promptness, reliability and continuous progress – as of the very product and services but also by investing in personal developent and education of the employees. Over the last 18 years, we've managed to become such a „little-big“ company.

Although all the important processes of an enterprise are going on simultaneously, it is possible to distinct certain phases in which focus shifts form one area to another. Current organizational structure, equipment and premises, with slight increase in number of employees and more intensive cooperation with our partners in outsourcing gives us a possibility of almost unlimited increase in production volumes. That gives us confidence that we'll be able to live up to any challenge on the present and future elevator market. Therefore, for the time being, the focus in on R&D. Some of the more important projects that are in exploitation or will be by the end of 2015. are Destination Control, Lift Remote Monitoring System with real-time data transfer and two-way communication and various flexible solutions in electrics and mechanics well suited for lift modernizations.


Sincerely Yours,

MLC electronic d.o.o.